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Other Horse Art

Portland has always loved horses. There are statues and other horse related art all over town. As I have a chance, I will add pictures to this page.

big horse, nw 23rd ave

NW 23rd Near Irving

The sign on this one says he likes to be petted, not ridden. I think they should tie him to the nearest horse ring, so he doesn't run away, but maybe he's well trained.

joan of arc with her horse

NE 39th and Glisan

Joan of Arc was re-gilded a few years ago. Isn't she pretty? She is a memorial to the fallen soldiers of World War I.

Portland Airport Driftwood Horses

These horses are at the airport - there are 3. Scott tells me the artist is Deborah Butterfield. You can see more of her work here:












This one is outside the Art Museum downtown.

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