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A mass-transit trek through Portland's singular sites - The Los Angeles Times May 04 2007 - It's a great story about Portland with a paragraph or two about the horses. Somehow we need to get the word out about the changed web link for the project though, so people won't be redirected from the links in new stories.

A Herd of Model Horses Helps Oregon Artist Call Attention to Days Gone By (pdf, 5.5MB)-- Just About Horses (Breyer Publication) Jan/Feb 2007 - Unfortunately this story used 3 of my pictures (downloaded from this website apparently) without my permission.* Please ask permission before using any pictures from this website! I love to see the pictures in stories, but need to be careful about a couple of them. You'll also get a much higher resolution picture if you ask. Other than that little problem, the story is good.

* I offer these corrections in the interest of stopping the propagation of the errors/omissions in future articles.


PDXplained question about the horses (pdf, 1.5MB)-- PDX Magazine December 2006 - The story contains an error (this website was created and is maintained by Laura with some help from many people) and a disappointing lack of credit given for the picture, which was offered freely with the caveat (clearly stated) that credit be given.* I guess it's good that it was my picture and not one that someone sent me.


Keeping Portland in fresh horses -- The Oregonian 11/02/06

The Best of Portland - Best Horse of a Different Color -- Willamette Week 9/12/06

Teeny weeny horses run rings around S.E. Portland history -- The Bee 9/1/06

Horse Broken (pdf, 1.2MB)-- Portland Monthly August 2006

Pony up some curbside cool -- Oregonian Article! 6/24/06

Whoa! Ponies Roam the Pearl District -- Explore the Pearl April/May 2006


TV Stories

Artist makes use of horse rings in downtown Portland KATU News story 5/9/06


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