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Want to help keep the Horse Project on the streets of Portland? Be part of the "public" in "public art" and adopt ahorse ring near your home, work, or neighborhood hangout.

The Adopt-A-Ring program is informal-- no need to sign any papers. Just keep an eye on your favorite sidewalk horse ring and, if you notice that your horse has wandered off (or been kidnapped by horse thieves), make it your neighborly duty to tether up another!

Instructions for tethering horses can be found here , along with suggested places to pick up horses and supplies. (Generally, it only costs $2 or $3 to round up a horse, cable and ferrule-- the little crimper thing-- from local shops.)

We'd love to hear from you and receive photos of your adopted ring and the ponies you tie up there. Feel free to accessorize, and remember to tell us your horse ring's location when you email photos. Whenever possible, we'll put your pics on the Horse Project site and credit them to you.

Kim, Scott and Laura

The Horse Project Team (aka Sidewalk
Pony Posse):
Small, but growing

Although the group looks small, this was just the start. Scott started the project in the fall of 2005, Kim and Laura joined in the spring of 2006 and now more and more are adding their own touches. There is a small group of regulars (we've even had a meeting or two!) and a lot of people who are adding ponies more quietly. Laura created this website to help get others involved by explaining the project and how to put out your own horses. Horses are popping up all over Portland! Let us know if you're adding (or finding) ponies and send a picture. We know there are others out there - please share your stories! We appreciate that some want to remain anonymous - we can share stories without names or give credit where it is due, as you prefer.


          The Portland Pony Project new pony posse junior members
It seems that we gallop through life in a haze
And don't notice the things we race by every day
Until a time comes when a change will occur
That will cause us to notice, stop and confer
We talk to our neighbors; ask "was that always there?"
"I never saw it before", the neighbors declare.

So it was with the horse rings 'til Scott came along
Thinking "I've an idea that could gather a throng!"
He found some toy horses and tied them up tight
Then sat back to watch and see if they might
Cause people to notice what was always around;
What they had been missing – now they had found.

Now many people will pause for awhile
And others will notice, and they also smile
To see these small horses tied up to the rings
Where once their much bigger brothers had been
And maybe they'll even see a lot more
Of what they've been missing; it's happened before!

His project is spreading and now there's a herd
Of horse-loving folks who've also been spurred
To add some small horses to places near you
Hoping they’ll catch you smiling too.
Watch over our ponies, maybe bring them a rider
And we can make Portland a little bit brighter.

The Sidewalk Pony Posse

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