Extinct breeds


It is sad to think about, but more horse breeds are extinct than there are those that are living. And while this is true for most species, it is even sadder to think about because humans and horses are so connected from a historical standpoint. Many of the ancient horses have either been interbred with different species, or lived in such remote locations that they were unable to spread any further than their small native lands.

However, some good has come out of human interaction with horses, and that is the creation of new breeds. Some breeds such as Thoroughbreds have become the standard for race horses, meaning that many breeds that may have become extinct have been perpetuated through cross-breeding with such breeds.

The future

It is difficult to say what the future holds, but we do know that some breeds will become crossed with other breeds and our conservation efforts have become greater throughout the years. This means that many breeds that may have gone extinct without our help can now thrive and become more relevant on a global scale.

The fact is, nobody can really stop species from going extinct, but what we can do is be more mindful of our impact on nature and do our part to preserve these beautiful species. There is no doubt that humans have been a detriment to many species, but we have also saved many others. Horses and humans will always be close in our evolution, and hopefully we can work to better protect them.

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