The fastest horse


When people think about horses, there are a number of questions that run through their mind. What is the oldest horse? What is the fastest horse? What is the biggest horse? Well, all of these are pretty subjective and the answer may differ depending on who you ask. However when it comes to speed, there is one answer that many can agree upon, and that is the Thoroughbred. Thoroughbred racing horses are some of the fastest worldwide, and many of the winners of the most prominent races in the world have been thoroughbreds such as Secretariat.

Part of a long lineage of selective breeding, the Thoroughbred is not only inherently one of the fastest breeds, but has been widely accepted as the only option for breeding racing horses. And although there are options to go with other breeds, the competitive nature of horse racing almost demands a Thoroughbred.

Why are they so fast?

Well of course part of the answer to this is genetics, but other factors do come into play. Much like dogs, horse breeds have developed over the years to serve the purpose that people intended them for. Much like a Labrador is bred for hunting, the Thoroughbred is bred for racing. The inherent biology of their breed combined with the ways in which they are and continue to be bred both contribute to their speed and aptitude for racing. Humans play a large role in determining how breeds will behave, and this is incredibly evident with the racing Thoroughbred.

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