The perfect summer beverage


There are some people that are just attuned to summer. They know all of the greatest events, and ways to spend the days. They also know the perfect beverage to enjoy while doing so. In some cases anybody can be an expert at summer simply by knowing what to look for. For many, hard cider has been the drink of choice for the summer and fall months. Aside from knowing that its taste is nothing like anything else, there are a number of cider enthusiasts that even know the alcohol content of hard cider.

It is these people that have done the research and know that hard cider is the drink of the future, a crisp, refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed at any time during the year, but is especially wonderful during the summer months.

Brewing your own

Summer is synonymous with fun in the sun and doing activities that cannot be done during the rest of the year. For many, this includes brewing their own cider. There are many wonderful sources with the perfect hard cider recipe that will not only give you the beverage you desire, but give you an activity to partake in during the warm months when everyone just wants to get out there and get things done.

There is an entire subculture of people that enjoy brewing their own cider, and also have the ability to find the joy in life. There may be a connection between these two things, but there is a chance that cider and fun are just a natural pair. Whether you are someone that just enjoys a hard cider once in awhile, or someone that is interested in brewing their own, Blake’s Hard Cider website is a great resource for everything hard cider.


Summer is on the horizon, and hard cider is the drink of a new generation. To find out how hard cider is becoming the most popular drink in the United States and to find useful resources on facts about hard cider, recipes, visit the company that helped put hard cider on the map. For more information on everything listed above click here.

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