Wild horses


Horses have been part of the United States since before it was called the United States. North America had a number of breeds of wild horse, that were primarily caught and tamed by the Native Americans. After the Spanish came over in search of riches and land, the two fought for centuries before British Explorers came to the colonies in search of the same.

Upon their arrival, the Spanish brought their own stock of horses which they used for mounted combat. During this time, much of the Native Americans lost great deals of their population as colonial Europe continued to spread. Eventually, there were only a few Native Americans left, and consequently, only a few native American mustangs.

Wild horses in the US today

Today, there are only a few states with large herds of while horses. Most of the herds are a mix between the few remaining wild horses native to North America and stock brought over by the Spanish. There are a few states with large reserves, but basically no roaming herds of wild horses outside of these few protected areas. In some place, it is legal to own a wild mustang, but for the most part they are protected by the federal government.

Through the rich history of native inhabitants and the influx of settlers, the wild horses of America are a beautiful, yet endangered breed worth of protection. In time, the hope is that these protected species will once again roam our prairies.

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