Why horses are so important to us


Horses have been a part of our culture since America was America, and even long before that. Historically, horses were used all over the world for transportation, agriculture, and warfare, which had helped people gain a number of advantages in how the lived and who they were able to conquer. Throughout the years, while horses do not play as large of a part in our daily lives, they are still an important form of recreation and commerce.

Today, horses are used primarily as a source of entertainment, but before, they were used for virtually everything. Brought to the US by a number of different settlers from around the world, horses are of many different breeds and nationalities, which means they are bred for different purposes and with different temperaments.

Horses today

Today, breeds from around the world have all combined in many different ways in order to create horses adept at doing a number of different tasks. Breeding for both work and pleasure has hit new peaks wherein there is essentially a horse tailor made for any specific task. We live in a golden age during which we are able to find a horse for any solution without needing to count on them in order to live.

Horses will always be a part of the world and its history, and through technological advancements, we are now able to raise breeding standards to brave new heights. In the future, it will be interesting to see how breeding practices in the future will lead to a new era of horse breeding.

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